Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have read OSHO recently and it has given some very good insights. The OSHO way is quite a lot the intellect way. I have read that he had been a phychology professor. Hence his analysis of different religious texts by phychological point of view have been very impressive.
Here are a few excerpts which I have picked from his books:

- Today's Human is more mature in thinking. Hence the religious secrets should be put across more clearly. The true intention should be put across for the human of today. For example, to prevent a child from eating too much sweets, we would say that the fridge is haunted. But an adult would not buy this argument; most likely not! so it is better to tell him the real thing.

- Human nature is full of conflict; full of duality. If you have been living in a certain way; after a while you will start liking the opposite. It keeps swinging like a pendulum.

- What is important is to develop an observer within. An Observer; Mere Observer! Whatever emotions and desires manifest in the mind; you should be able to stand at a distance behind and merely observe. You are not to interfere; you are not to stop; But just RECOGNISE the difference between You and the Mind. The moment you recognise the difference; the moment you recognise the observer; none of the emotions or desires will bind you. you will regain your free will in a truest possible sense.

- The answer is not to run away or renounce the world. For two reasons; one, it is not possible to renounce the world since world is everywhere. Second; running away is never a solution; the path goes THROUGH the difficulties of this world. Hence face them; work on them. Whatever is to be done is to be done here in this world only.

Hence the first step; the first baby step; and perhaps the most important step in this path of intellect is to begin the observation & recognise the observer. It shall transform the life and initiate the process which will lead to the ultimate.

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'be the observer'