Saturday, January 3, 2009

Starting the Journey

Chapter 6 : Bhagwad Gita

Lord Krishna says the real saint is the one who has renounced the desire for fruits of Karma and not the one who has renounced karma.

The Osho elaboration is that the old ritual of attaining sainthood and retreating to the jungles is not the real sainthood. He criticizes it strongly and puts emphasis on living in the world and renouncing the desire itself.

But as I understand; it is like this: The ancient practice of retreating to a jungle for attaining sainthood is a mere help. Since a sanyasi is away from worldly attractions; it will help him to stay focussed on his goal. Surely; he has no attained sainthood yet since he is still aiming for something; desiring something. But the environment of jungle is less likely to distract a novice who is on the path. But yes; it is only a mere help; a beginning. It is not a necessary condition and definitely not a sufficient one. The end outcome should be that the sanyasi should be able to come back to the world and still maintain his samadhi.

The path guided by the Osho is to start renouncing the desires in day-to-day life. There is a bliss of another kind which can not be explained by words. To taste it; he asks to conduct a small 24 hr experiment. Stop desiring for the outcome anything we do (just about anything) for one day. we do all the normal chores but consciously try to keep focusing our mind to not to desire something for this period. I tried it and succeeded for about 5 hrs and I am pleased to say I experienced bliss.

But I am still confused on how to further tread along this path. It is not without danger; the major one being: you keep on controlling the desires and live in a blissfull state - all very well. But once the mischievous mana (mind) attacks you unaware; all the desire will come rushing. By then, it might be too late to fulfill them. So you may fall into deep turmoil & repentence; beginning to think that you were mere lazy and wasted the precious months/years of life. You will see your friends & colleagues who will be achieving things which you used to desire; and still desire. I fear that you dont feel like a terrible failure at that point.

At the same time; renouncing the desire for our actions doesnt mean inaction. Osho points that it will naturally lead to shedding away of all that is evil in life. All the life energy will get devoted to positive things. Hence, it is possible that your destiny takes you to another level which you might not have reached if you were caught in the tangle of desire. But in such a living; you have surrendered yourself to the supreme power; you have surrendered your boat to the tides. The tides may take you to the places you used to desire or which people desire or they may not take you there. Both the possibilities are there. But what is certain is that; while you are in that state - while you are in the state of devotion to the tide; it will be bliss. It will keep you healthy - physically and mentally and happy.

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