Friday, February 13, 2009

The pursuit of Happiness

Happiness, Fun, Joy, Enjoyment.
सुख, खुशी, आनंद।

we take them in a same fashion. But there is a qualitative difference between them. सुख is usually used for the short term feeling obtained from fulfillment of a goal or from exercising the senses. It is the one which is most anticipated and the cause of all the rat-race in this world.
On the other hand, आनंद is a whole another feeling. It just comes naturally. You dont need to do anything for it but just to pause a little bit and realise that you have it. But we are so engrossed in chasing the सुख that we dont give a chance for आनंद to manifest. However there are those occasional moments when our greeds leaves us or are asleep and we get overwhelmed by आनंद। Remember the time when you suddenly noticed the beauty of the day, the rising sun, the morning dew drops, the overcast sky or just about anything which you would have ignored in your rush. The rush to go through life quickly. Isnt that strange, we want to live quickly and yet we want to live longer. what is the hurry?

Following is what I called Happiness - Desire curve. Happiness is the आनंद , the fun of action itself. Desire is the desire of the fruit of action.

As our desire for the fruit of our action grows stronger, we no longer pay attention to the joy of action itself. In this manner we loose not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. The duration of action is much longer than the time taken to enjoy the fruits of action. If we loose all the fun in action itself, it becomes misery. we spend long hours of misery to enjoy seconds of success.
Plus the joy of action is qualitatively better than the joy of success.

Ideal would be an enlightened being who acts for the sake of action and not for the fruit of action and who has no desire left. But for us lesser mortals, we dont understand the logic of doing anything unless there is a big fruit standing at the end of it. But try doing it for once.
Its like playing with your child. you dont play with him/her to win or lose. The action itself is the fruit of it.

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